Parish Leadership Councils


The Parish Advisory Councils are composed of parishioners who serve to provide their time and expertise in an advisory capacity to the pastor. In these parish leadership roles, council members represent the whole of the parish. They bring a wide variety of backgrounds and experience and provide valuable insight in the collaborative work of the parish. Our parish advisory councils are:

  • Pastoral Council
  • Finance Council
  • Outreach & Social Justice Council
  • Facilities Committee

Each Council has a different and specific role to assist the pastor in planning, coordinating, overseeing and guiding all aspects of parish life. While separate in function, the Parish Advisory Councils work together to best serve the life, ministry and operation of the parish. The recommendations of these Councils are valid when accepted and ratified by the Pastor.

All parishioners are invited to share their gifts and talents in serving on a parish council. For more detailed information about the function of each council, please review the individual web pages. If you would like to offer your gifts and talents to serve on a council, please contact the council chair.

Pastoral Council – Simon Jelley, Chair
Finance Council – Don McGovern, Chair
Outreach & Social Justice Council – Ana Agan, Chair
Youth Council – Rose Lue, Chair
Facilities Committee – Michael Boenninghausen, Chair
Liturgy Council – Terri Chapman, Chair

Liturgy Council

Teri Chapman
Fred Tou
Joan Morris
Kim Karmirantzos
Tim Petersen
Keeth Courpet
Maryanne Quincy
Julie Ramirez
Fr. Thuc Si Ho
Fr. Christopher Bologo
Fr. Brendan McGuire

Pastoral Council

Simon Jelley, Chair
Fr. Christopher Bologo
Amy Cappellanti-Wolf
Chip Killian
Fr. Thuc Si Ho
Daniel Kloke, Secretary
Lee Panec
Jennifer Perkins
Fred Tou
Fr. Brendan Mcguire
Kim Karmirantzos

Finance Council

Don McGovern, Chair
Iris Mejias, Co-chair
Roger Biscay
Josh Bligh
Fr. Christopher Bologo
John Cadeddu
Christine Doyle
Linda Hill
Fr. Thuc Si Ho
Ann Kozlovsky
Fr. Brendan McGuire
Joan Mibach
Nick Tsiagkas
Charles Tyler

Facilities Committee

Michael Boennighausen, Chair
Mary Dateo
Steven Dorcich
Nick Dzigurski
Fr. Brendan McGuire
Jurgen Krehnke
Scott Kusich
Joan Mibach
Victor Ramirez
Michel Szarindar
Dave White

Outreach & Social Justice Council

Ana Agan, Chair
Mary Dateo
Doris DeFranco
BC Gibbons
Andrea Hong
Ann Kozlovsky
Sue Marrion
Fr. Brendan McGuire
Julie McKellar
Joan Mibach
Maria Placer